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Spa Červený Kláštor

History of the Spa

Mineral water springs to the surface of the earth in today's village of Červený Kláštor since time immemorial. Due to its specific smell of hydrogen sulphide local people believed that it came from another, supernatural world. They called the place where water and gases reached the ground's surface, "death hole", and named the water, due to its smell, "Smerdžonka", which means the stinking water. From the historical sources it is known that at the beginning of the 14th century came to this part of Slovakia at first monks called Carthusians and then Camalduls. Since the members of these orders were devoted to the cultivation and collection of medicinal plants, production of medicines and healing the sick, they started as the first one to use the mineral water for healing purposes. The most famous of these was a Camaldulsian monk, known as Cyprian, according to which this region is known as the region of flying monk Cyprian. From the early 19th century, the miller from a nearby mill began in his barn to prepare for the locals warm baths from the healing water. Later, around 1820, spa village was established near the sulphuric spring and the first spa building was built in 1824. In 1820, the property of Červený Kláštor and spa facilities were passed from the Spiš County, located in Levoča, to the property of the newly established Greek Catholic diocese in Prešov. The diocese had not enough time or resources to take care of the monastery and spa facilities. As a result, and also for other reasons, there was a gradual decline in Spa Červený Kláštor. Spa facilities were not maintained and began to slowly decay which has been associated with declining levels of the spa services. In 1887, Smerdžonka was included among official spas of the former Hungary. In the early 20th century, spa was working again under the direction of the Spiš County. They offered accommodation, food and of course the sulphurous water baths, which had beneficial effects on skin diseases and rheumatism. Cultural, social and entertainment events took place there. At that time Smerdžonka lived with tourism. Spa facilities were damaged during World War I. They were reconstructed and re-opened in 1928, with the state's help, to serve the same purpose as before the war. Spa was damaged after World War II again and began to fall into oblivion. After this period, the surrounding around curative springs had several owners and primarily local significance. Spa was used as accommodation facility especially for the recreation purposes. In 2004, the current owner began with the revitalization of the area. In the renovated building of the original spa is a public restaurant facility used for catering and enjoyable leisure activities as well as organization of various family or other kinds of events. In 2010, the local spring was testified to be a natural healing spring which initiated the building of a new spa facility -,,House of health" (Dom zdravia) and reopened the spa tradition in Červený Kláštor.

Building of the current spa

SPA ČERVENÝ KLÁŠTOR SMERDŽONKA is the first renewed spa in Slovakia after the war. Its history dates back to the early 19th century, when the local miller started as the first one to use the healing effects of the local water. He used to prepare for the locals hot baths in his barn. Shortly thereafter, the first spa building was built in 1824. Since then, spa underwent several changes of spa owners and reconstructions, especially after the wars. Spa was badly damaged, until its doors finally closed in the 50s. In 2010 began the new owner with the construction of the 'House of health' (Dom zdravia). At the beginning of 2012, the gates of the Spa Červený Kláštor began to re-open to the general public. The greatest asset and the cornerstone of the health care in our country is a unique natural healing mineral water ,,Smerdžonka ". Water with its composition of minerals and hydrogen sulphide is destined mainly for the treatment of skin diseases, but also diseases of the musculoskeletal system, neurological diseases and disorders of the digestive tract. Its healing effects have long been known to the people and even monks from a nearby monastery used it in their healing practice. The most famous of them was certainly a monk Cyprian, according to which this region is known as the region of flying monk Cyprian. Today, Spa Červený Kláštor is certainly the most modern spa in Slovakia. We offer our clients: imposed curative treatments prescribed by our doctors and performed under the supervision of the trained staff, high standard accommodation in apartments or double rooms in the House of health, or alternative accommodation in a chalet village in the spa area, dining in the stylish restaurant, congress services and a number of additional quality services. In case of any interest, we will create custom leisure program.


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Spa Červený Kláštor
Spa Červený Kláštor