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 About us
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About us

Dear clients and friends, thank you for your decision to relax in spa through our travel agency HERKULES.

We are team of high-skilled workers with number of skills in the spa zone. We have been trying to satisfy even the most demanding customers. We believe that we will deliver also your goods.

Our travel agency HERKULES is target to the advertising and the sale of curative, relaxation, wellnes stays in spas in Slovakia.

We will enjoy to integrate you among more than 10 000 clients of ours, who have discounts in the booking of  their vacation.

Stays offered by us guarantee you relax and services of high quality.

Our competitive advantage is that we know spas. We are settled just in the centre of the oasis of healts - in Bardejov spa. Bardejov spa belongs to the most beautiful spas in Slovakia.

In the event of your stay in Bardejov spa we will enjoy welcome you and invite you on a cup of coffee or tea.

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Herkules teamHerkules team

We guarantee you the lowest prices because we offer the stays for spa prices. We supply you profesional consultant services and also which spa is the best for you.

Stays offered by us:
- curative stays
- recreative and relaxation stays
- convalescent stays for employees
- wellnes stays
- firm courses
- and other stays (family hotels, hotels and cottages near Bardejov)

You can book a stay in spa by telephone, fax, e-mail or just in our place in Bardejov spa in HERKULES. In the event of your demand we will enjoy to send you some information sources or information CD.

Thank you for your favour...

Ing. Radomír Jančošek
director of Tourist information centre HERKULES in Bardejov spa

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