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 Bardejov Spa
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Bardejov Spa

Bardejov Spa is situated in a picturesque Carpathian valley in the Low Beskydy Mts., at the juncture of the Ondavska Highlands and Mount Busov, in Northeast Slovakia. The area is rich in mineral waters.Bardejov spa is surrounded by beautiful woods, where you can enjoy long walks along well-kept trails (25 km). Bardejov mineral waters are natural, slightly to moderately mineralized, with healing effects. They are classified as hydrocarbonic - containing chloride and sodium - carbonic, cold, hypotonic, with a relatively high boric acid content.

The captivating reputation of this place had arealistic foundation, above all, in the proven effects of the alkaline-salty-iron content of its coldmineral waters, their springs coming to be named Main, Medical, Elizabeth, Hercules, Napoleon, Klara, Anna, and Colonnade.The varied chemical compositions and richness of the springs led to their being assigned different healing attributes.Only 4 miles away there lies a historical town of Bardejov, recently inscribed by the UNESCO in the List of the World Heritage.

In spa Bardejov Spa are succesfully treated this diseases:
* Oncology diseases
* Diseases of circulatory system
* Indigestion diseases
* Diseases caused by disorders of metabolism and glands of internal secretion
* Non-tuberculoid diseases of respiratory system
* Women’s diseases
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