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Bardejov Spa - Atractions

Only 4 miles away there lies a historical town of Bardejov, recently enlisted by UNESCO on the list of the World Cultural HeritageOne of the most important mounuments of secular and religious architecture in Bardejov is the Basilica Minor of Saint Egidius, whose interior and collection of eleven wooden wing altars from the 15th and the beginning of the 16th centuries places it among the most valuaable Gothic interiors in Central Europe

The Gothic-Renaissance City Hall, built from 1505 to 1509, became a national cultural monument in 1985. Nowadays it houses the most valuable artistic historical exhibits of the Saris Museum.

Comfortable forest trails branch out in all directions amid the intimate surroundings of the spa. Well-marked trails several kilometers in length lead to well-known nature spots of the region, such as:

Little springs: with the names Nagyová, Lyžiarska, Terekuvka, Čerešna, Tri studničky, Husítská,
Jánošíkova, and Zimná studňa.

outlook points: views of Bardejov and Zborov

The surrounding hills offer miles of hiking, running and biking trails. In the summer valleys are popular with picnickers. There are many chill-out places with campfires hidden at the marker or view points of the trails in vast forests. The valley also provides jungle gym called "Oxygen Trail", popular with both youngsters and elder.

Social life at the spa is made more comprehensiveby the Žriedlo Cinema, a Roman Catholic church, a shopping and services center, as well as otherrestaurants and entertainment facilities where every visitor to the spa can find enjoyment. Among the catering and entertainment centers most frequented are the Kúpeľná Dvorana restaurant and snack bar and the Ozón and Patients´Club cafés.

Twenty-two kilometers distant from Bardejov Spa, atCigeľka, there is a mountain curative spring known for its quality and curative powers, which is exported to all parts of the world. The Dukla Pass, situated 56 kilometers fromthe spa, is a World War II battlefield. The entire pass is dotted with monuments commemorating the events of that battle, from the town of Svidník to the Slovak-Polish frontier.In the District of Bardejov there can be found seven of the wooden churches which are national cultural monuments. Their construction materials, building techniques and architectural features together form a unique folk art.
These churches are at Frička, Lukov, Jedlinka, Krivé, Hervartov, Tročany and Kožany.

The Ozón Café - Bardejov Spa
This café can be found right at the Ozón Hotel, where it offers a wide assortment of beverages anddesserts made in its own kitchen. The atmosphereis enhanced by a terrace, open from May throughSeptember. It almost goes without saying that there is dancing here in the evening

Bardejov Spa offers its guests the opportunity to enjoy sports both in summer and winter.In summer, one can make use of 6 tennis courts,volleyball and basketball courts, minigolf and a large outdoor pool with beach volleyball. During the winter season, there is a ski lift, plus cross country skiing and an indoor pool at the spas treatment (bath) house.

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