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Bardejov Spa - History

The first record of Bardejov Spa dates back to the year 1247, when Hungary´s King Bela IV bequeathed the territory of the present-day spa, together with its springs, to the town of Bardejov. It is certain that people learned about the healing effects of mineral waters early on and were able to enjoy their use.
The earliest precise information is from the 15th century. The good reputation of the mineral springs spread quickly and, as a result, in 1505, small cabins were built for bathing the sick people coming from far and wide. In 1777, a 12-room structure was erected near the springs for the convenience of the sick. The curative powers of the springs attracted Hungarian and Polish nobles,which was of great importance for the spa´s development.
The visits by important and valued guests have always been a good promotion for the spa. The number of visitors reached a peak in the 1840´s, when it was some 1,000 per year, making the spa the third or fourth most-used spa in Hungary, including Slovakia. Most of the more important spa buildings - the Dukla, the Al_beta and the Astória - were erected toward the end of the 19th century.

In 1895, the Empress Elizabeth, wife of Franz Joseph I, took treatments here. After her stay, the Bardejov Spa became a place attracting gatherings of Hungarian nobles. Its facilities included modern water treatments and technical equipment.

This precise geographical location and climate are important underpinnings for successful treatments in any season of the year.
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