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 Methods of Treatment
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Bardejov Spa - Methods of Treatment

The range of treatments in use is very wide.
It includes all the principal methods of complex balneotherapy. These are:

Mineral Water Drinking Cures

These rank among the main healing procedures. The natural waters that spring up here are classified as hydrocarbonic, sodium chloride, ferrous, cold, hypotonic, with a relatively high content of boric acid. The total mineralization of the individual springs ranges from 1,600 mg./liter (the Klára spring) to 9,400 mg/liter (the Hercules spring), and from 2,200 to 3,800 mg/liter of carbonic oxide.


In addition to Kneipp methods, all other applications of modern hydrotherapy also have their place at the spa. The main ones are mineral and bubbling baths. For the mineral baths, water is drawn from the Klára and Alexander springs. Other applications of waters are: whirlpools, baths with additives, Finnish sauna, Turkish steam baths,
Scottish showers, and alternating walking baths.

Pearl bath
The temperature of the mineral water in a pearl bath is 35-37C (95-99F). Bubbles blasted in water micromassages skin and thus supports congestion and overall body relaxation.

Mineral water bath
35-38C (95-100F) mineral water bath improves congestion, balances blood pressure, contributes to mental relaxation, improves the balance of minerals in the body.

Bath with ingredients
Has positive effects on locomotive organs, releases muscular tension, relieves pain. Bath contains herbal or peloid ingredients.

Carbonic Therapies
Since spring waters used for mineral baths are rich in carbonic oxide, the mineral baths rank among these therapies.

Inhalations and gas injections belong here as well.
Pelotherapy and Paraffin Therapy Methods of Treatment In these therapies, paraffin compresses and peat wrappings are employed. The peat is brought here from Trenčianske Teplice.

Climate Therapy
This refers mainly to the use of designated trails,such as the Oxygen Trailö, under the supervision of health professionals, and to various sports activities at the Spa which the patient himself decides to take advantage of.

Diet Therapy:
Diet is an integral part of any complex therapy, its purpose being to eliminate the negative influence of poor dietary habits.

The following diets are in use:No. 2- a bland diet,
No. 3- a basic diet,
No. 4- a low-fat diet,
No. 5- a low-fiber diet,
No. 6- a low-protein diet,
No. 8- a reducing diet,
No. 8D- a so-called

ôseparating foods dietö, in which
certain food items are eaten with specific other items,
No. 9- a diet for diabetics,
- a flour-free/cereals-free diet

Phototherapy (treatment employing light rays):
This supplementary therapy involves warming up parts of
the body using solariums located both in the Treatment
Facility and the Ozon Hotel. These solariums, of course,
have additional uses.

Massage is an integral part of rehabilitation:
- classical massage,
- reflex massage, and
- under-water massage.

Electro-therapy and magnetic therapy:
These methods encompass the use of ultra-sound, a solarium, infrared lamps, diathermy (sub-cutaneous heat treatments), a diatron, magnetic therapy, galvanic(using
electricity produced by chemical reaction) limb baths, fyaction and interferential streams.

Inhalation therapy:
Three kinds of inhalation are employed:
- upper respiratory tract inhalation,
- lower respiratory tract inhalation, and
- group inhalation.
Very popular are the so-called group inhalations, which
involve singing as a way to enhance inhaling.
Mineral water from the Hercules Spring is used for inhala-
One of the latest procedures is oxygen therapy, involving
breathing in pure oxygen taken from the air.

Heat therapy:

In applying heat treatments, natural curative springs as
well as artificial heat sources are used. Thermo-therapeutic
healing methods used at the spa involve:
- paraffin,
- peat,
- infrared radiation,
- sauna, and
- electromagnetic waves

The following procedures are used for rehabilitation:

- exercises in the swimming pool, free (unguided) swimming,
- exercises with music, calanetics,
- yoga,- terrain cures - involving walks in the
forest around the Spa with professional
- cross-country skiing in the winter months.

Rehabilitation therapy is given at two gyms in the Treatment Facility.The Ozon Hotel has a relaxation-rehabilita- tion center. The swimming pool at the Treatment Facility is used for rehabilitation, as is the outdoor pool at the edge of the forest.

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