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 Bojnice Spa
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Bojnice Spa

Bojnice Spa in the heart of Slovakia is a peaceful resort that thanks to its geographic location, climate and water composition provides ideal conditions for the curative tratmen processes, regeneratin and the reast of its guests. In Bojnice Spa - Thermal health town well known since the 16th century. The spa has curative thermal waters at 28 - 52 degrees Celsius as well as thermal mud. Diseases of the locomotive system & nervous disorders are treated here. Bojnice Spa is situated in the Upper Nitra hollow basin, at the eastern foot of the montain chain Little Magura at the height of 297 metres abouve sea level.
The acrothermal water improves metabolism and immunologic reactions in cells, function of issues, thei oxygen supply and herewith the general health sate. The curative water effects positicely the autonomic nervous system, in particular its parasymphatetic part.

Bojnice is best known for its tourist attractions: the oldest zoo, the most visited Bojnice castle, and one of the oldest spa towns in Slovakia. The town is situated below the Bojnice Castle, which is built on a travertine rock with a natural cave. The castle has appeared in many international films and a well-known international festival of specters takes place there every year.

Today they treat patients with:
  • disorders of the locomotor system
  • rheumatic diseases
  • post traumatic conditions
  • conditions after orthopedic disturbances of the spine of adolescents
  • neurological diseases and occupational diseases

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