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 Lucky Spa
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Lucky Spa

The Lucky Spa belong among the oldest spas in Slovakia. Most of the present balneo-historians start any history of this spa with reports taken from the balneography by H.J.N. Crantz "Gesundbrunnen der Osterreichischen Monarchie", (Healthful Springs in the Austrian Monarchy), dated 1777. The spa in Lucky is in the mountain valley, whhich is opened to the south, under the slope of choc, at the boundary of the Orava and the Liptov regions, at the sea level of 653m.

The spa therapy in Lucky Spa is one of the most efficient curative methods. The basis of all balneologic methods is non-specific general effects, whhich are influencing the overall condition of the client and play a positive role in the recovery process, mainly by tuning the more fundamental functions of the body. Lucky has the long tradition in the treatment of gyneacological diseases. Therapy is understood in a complex way, supported by the following components.

The crucial natural factor of the spa therapy in Lúčky Spa  are the springs of curative sulfate-hydrocarbon, calcium-pyretic hypotonic mineral water. In addition to thermal mineral water, mud is also used for balneotherapy in Lúčky in the form of the hot and wet packs.

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