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 Nový Smokovec
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Nový Smokovec

The climatic spa Nový Smokovec belongs to the most famous health resorts in Slovakia. It is situated in the heart of the Tatras national park 1018m above sea level. Spa Novy Smokovec lies above the layer of powdery and smoke zone and so there is cleaner air without bacteria and allergens. The location of Spa Nový Smokovec right in the touristic centre of the city High Tatras provides excellent conditions for touristic and sport activities.

The spa Nový Smokovec - are among the oldest and best known in central Europe. They lie in the foothills below Slavkovsky peak. In the Swiss classification of climatical therapeutic spas, these are rated at stimulation level 2, with ionising influence.The low air pressure resulting from the mountain location, the yearly average of over 1800 hours of sunlight, the clean and dust-free air saturated with ozone and fragrant evergreen scent, moderate humidity and moderate average temperature, all combine to create an exceptional convalescent.

High professional standard of its staff together with lovely, quiet surrounding provides perfect conditions for everyone to recover both from bronchial diseases and stressful bustle of city life.

In spa Nový Smokovec are succesfully treated this diseases:
  • non-tuberculoid diseases of the respiratory system
  • diseases caused by disorders of metabolism and glauds of internal secretion

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