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 Sliac Spa
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Sliac Spa

The Sliac Spa is located in a beautiful natural setting by western part of Zvolen Valley in Slovenske Rudohorie Mountains Health resort Sliac is aimed and treating of the so-called civilization conditioned diseases, promarily chronic disorders of the circulatory system. The Spa Sping erupts directly underneath the Spa House and is without any additional artifical treatment of the water, used for all sorts of medical purposes. Its watercontains sulphates, carbohydrates, magnesium and calcium. Fabulus curative water wells from 5 Natural Springs , whereby The Spa Sping is therapeutically the most important. This Spring is one of four such springs in the World when comparing chemical composition. Patients with heart diseases are treated here for Hight blood pressure or Arteriosclerosis.

In Sliac Spa patient with heart diseases are treated here:
  • Hight blood pressure
  • Arteriosclerosis
  • post reumatic states of miocardial
  • valve inflammation
  • post operative states of cardiovascular system

Very satisfactory results are reached when trating ischaemic heart diease (angina pectoris, states after myocardial infarction) , thrombossis in the extremit ies, as well vasomotor neuroses, Children treatment aged 4-15 - subacute forms of rheumatic carditis is released in children’ spa sanatorium Slovensko.

The Spa Sliac  - The main part of spa treatment:
  • pool and tub baths is suitably supplemeted with physiotherapie
  • hydrotherapie
  • electrotherapie
  • various massages

Spa treatmen comprehends pharmacotherapy and dietary boarding as well. Remarcable results in treatment are obtained with spring gas caught from Spa Spring, applied in the form of subcutaneous injections in vascular disorders. Applied gas spreads in dilates coronary vessels and arteries in the extremities.

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