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Spa info

Spas, however, are just a part of the health and regeneration potential of Slovakia. They coincide with the healthy environment of Slovakia. To put it simply we will now introduce you to our health product, we named it Slovakotherapy:

  • colourtherapy: the happy picture of the changing colours of nature will help you to overcome stress and forget about your everyday struggles
  • speleotherapy: in our superb range of caves you can admire the silent beauty of artpieces modelled by the forces of nature, you can breathe in the freshly moist air which has a power to relieve asthma
  • aromatherapy: aromas of nature: grass in the summer meadows, the trees in the forests, the unpolluted water in the rivers are the smells of our vast and well protected nature, they will provide you with an escape from the polluted towns and cities
  • balneotherapy: mud, peat, and mineral waters are the natural healers of our organism, they prevent illnesses and prolong your healthy life

Now you are probably asking where you can undertake such therapy. Well, let´s use the space left on the page to outline some of our spas.

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