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 Spas in Slovakia
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Spas in Slovakia

BOJNICE SPA - Thermal Spa

photoThermal waters at 24 - 46 degrees Celsius. Diseases of the locomotive system & nervous disorders. ... viac

BARDEJOV SPA - Mineral Spa

photoThe area is rich in mineral waters. The range of treatments in use is very wide. Spa is an oasis of peace and quiet ... viac

DUDINCE SPA - Mineral Spa

photoDiseases of the motor organs, cardiovascular disorders and less severe neurological disorders. Mineral water cures. ... viac

LIPTOVSKÝ JAN - Thermal spa

photoThe spring water treated: digestive problems, rheumatism, nervous disorders, paralysis, thromboflebitis ... viac

LUCKY SPA - Thermal Spa

photoLucky has the long tradition in the treatment of gyneacological diseases. The spa is in the mountain valley... viac

NOVÝ SMOKOVEC - Climatic Spa

photoFor treatment of respiratory conditions (chronic bronchitis, asthma) dysfunctional metabolic and glandular conditions ... viac

PIESTANY SPA - Thermal Spa

photoThe main Spa treatment are the thermal gypseous sulphide waters and the renowned sulphur thermal mud ... viac


photo14 springs, with water temperature from 37 to 52,3 °C. A rarity is a thermal cave steam bath called Parenica ... viac


photoSpa Aphrodite is furnished in antique style and is equipped with the most modern diagnostic and therapeutic apparatuses ... viac

SLIAC SPA - Mineral Spa

photoPatient with heart diseases are treated here - Hight blood pressure , Arteriosclerosis, post reumatic states of miocardial ... viac

STRBSKE PLESO - Climatic Spa

photoLocated in the high Vysoke Tatry mountains of the Carpathian range. Treatments of diseases of the respiratory organs -bronchial asthma ... viac


photoTreatment of neurological diseases includes practically all kinds of neurological diseases except of epilepsy and attacks conditions ... viac


photoIs the only spa in Slovakia to treat diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract. ... viac


photoClimatic and mineral spa at the edge of the pine forests, is surrounded by a large park ... viac

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