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 Strbske Pleso Spa
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Strbske Pleso Spa

The climatic spa of Strbske Pleso - Slovakia is situated in the stunningly beautiful natural setting of the only high mountains in the whole of the Carpathian range - the Vysoke Tatry (High Tatras). It is at the same time the most important and highest located tourist centre for hikers and lovers of winter sports and it has a large number of hotels, restaurants, sporting and other facilities.

Spa - Wellness  hotel Solisko are located  in one of the beautiful parts mountains in Slovakia - High Tatras. It is natural setting with clean environment air with dominance negative ions that affects the treatment of chronic diseases of respiratory track and lungs.

Its height of 1355m above sea level and the beneficial effect of the widespread pine forests make Strbske Pleso an ideal place for the treatment of diseases of the respiratory organs. Climatic conditions make Strbske Pleso one of the most best climatic spas in Europe.

The Spa Strbske Pleso - High Tatra is recommended mainly for
  • bronchial asthma
  • chronic bronchitis
  • allergic diseases - especially in children

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