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 Turcianske Teplice
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Turcianske Teplice

Turcianske Teplice Spa is the only spa in Slovakia to treat diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract. These are for the most part chronic inflammations of the bladder and urinary ducts, inflammations of the male reproductive organs and chronic inflammation of the prostate gland. The spa Turcianske Teplice has had considerable success in the treatment of diseases of the motor system, such as rheumatic inflammation of the joints, chronic, degenerative diseases, especially of the hip and knee joints, spinal diseases as well as post-traumatic deformations. Since 1993 children have also been successfully treated for the above-mentioned conditions.

In spite of its position within the town, the sanatoriums and spa facilities stand in their own grounds, which include an extensive park and a thermal bathing pool with curative water, very popular with visitors in the summer months. The spa Turcianske Teplice was established on account of the hot healing springs, whose temperature ranges from 40,7 to 46,5°C. The water here is used both for hydrotherapeutic procedures as well as for drinking cures.

Turcianske Teplice Spa - Treated illnesses:
  • ailments of the urinal tract
  • kidneys and organs responsible for body movements as well as neurological illnesses

Choose from our wide offering of treatments and we will do everything for your comfort so you leave our spa in full health, energy and satisfaction.

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