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 Water Park
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Water Park

TATRALANDIA- Liptovský Mikuláš

photoThe biggest water fun resor- water parkt with accommodation in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland. Aqua park Tatralandia offer you 9 pools for relaxation and swimming ... viac


photo Holiday resort geo-thermally powered and overlooked by the High Tatras mountains. luxurious thermal bathing experience with a range of pools heated from 28°- 36° Celsius... viac

SENEC - Thermal park

photoRecreation and relaxation water world of Senec Aquathermal park has 9 indoor and outdoor pools with water from 24 - 36 oC... viac


photoThe thermal pool is 34° C, the swimming pool, 24° C and the two children pools (one deep and one more shallow, 25° C. ... viac


photoThere is the Termal Park with five thermal pools. The temperature of water: 27º C - 38 º C .... viac

STUROVO - park

photoThe town´s powerful themal spring provides water at a temperature of 39,7oC. ... viac

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