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Spa Sklené Teplice - Spa House MÁRIA TERÉZIA***

The historic building of the two-storey spa house has rooms called " "English type" with shared toilets and showers on each floor.The double, single and bunk beds are equipped with a TV and a shared refrigerator.
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Check in: od 14:00 hod.
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The therapeutic thermal spa Sklene Teplice is one of the oldest spa in Slovakia. The thermal waters roamed on the top of the travertine cover. Of the many strands, two were the most significant, one had warm water and the other hot . The second natural feature was the rocky or cave bath - Parenica . Currently there are 7 strands with temperature from 37 ° C to 52.3 ° C in Teplice Teplice.

The historic building of the two-storey spa house has rooms called " "English type" with shared toilets and showers on each floor.The double, single and bunk beds are equipped with a TV and a shared refrigerator. In the Maria Theresia Spa house is a relaxing thermal pool divided into two parts,  in one part of the swimming pool has temperature 37 ° C and the second part of the pool is 39 ° C. Spa house also offers various types of massages, including solarium, reconditioning tables, vacuum movers, roller shutters, etc. Spa guests come to the Spa of the house Alžbeta, about 85 m, which means that this accommodation is suitable for those who do not mind having to eat.Parking in front of the spa house is free of charge guarded by the camera system, while clients get the chip to open the gate to the spa house.


Spa Sklené Teplice - Spa House MÁRIA TERÉZIA***

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Spa Sklené Teplice

The Spa Sklene teplice is situated in the marvellous valley of Central Slovakia, 12 km away from historical town Banska štiavnica, a unique gem of the world´s cultural heritage UNESCO. A rarity is the thermal cave bath called Parenica, which is unique in Europe. Every morning, the thermal cave bath is filled with clean natural water, directly from a natural hot spring.


The famous history of the village of Sklene Teplice began to be written as early as in 1340, when it was founded as the village of Skleno under the reign of king Charles Robert. Sklene Teplice was then known for its glass manufacturing. The local glassworks, which are considered to have been the first in Central Europe, produced the glasssware. The first reference to the spa is from 1550. The most famous events in Sklene Teplice took place in 1786. At that time, the most significant scientist of the age of Enlightenment, Ignaz Edler von Born, started to operate amalgamation works in the village and subsequently held an intenational congresss of many significant scientists. At the congress, he presented a method know as Born´s indericet amalgamation, a chemical process in which mercury binds with precious metal elements. The congress was also attended by the famous poet J. W. Goethe.

About resort

A rarity in Sklene Teplice, its thermal springs of mineral waters, with temperatures of 38-52.3°C, which have been used since the 16th century. A unigue product of nature is Parenica - a thermal bath thatenables visitors to bath in cave where 42°C hothealing water springs. thermal spa treatments use hyper-thermal mineral water with high content of magnesium and calcium, which predetermines it for treating of musculoskeletal diseases and neurological diseases. The spa Sklene Teplice is situated at the foot of the Stavnica Hills at an altitude of 400 m, in the beautiful and idyllic, wooded valley of the Tepla Stream. The spa - one of Slovakia´s oldest resorts. The spa Sklene Teplice is suitable for pleasant and easy walks. The beautiful, moutainous surroundings of the spa resort  offer many opportunities for challenging walks through the forests of the Stavnica hills.

Healthy Nature Sources

The spa currently uses 14 springs with temperatures raging from 37°C to 52.3°C. Thermal water is also exploited from artificially drilled wells and reservoirs with depths of up to 1,600 m. These springs are among the most significant of the volcanic zone. As regards their chemical compositon, the springs belong among natural, slightly mineralized, sulphate, calcium-magnesium, hot hypotonic waters with total mineralization of 2,456 mg/l.

Rareness - CAVE BATH

The cave bath is unique in europe. Healing water at a temperature of 42°C flows directly into the cave from thermal springs, thereby heating heating the natural cave bath. Water in Parenica cave bath, as well as in all of the thermal resting pools, is absolutely natural and contains no chemical additives. The cave bath is drained on a daily basis and overnight is filled with fresh water full of healing powers, directly from spring. It have the high content of calcium and magnesium.


Offer of leisure activities in the close neighbourhood of the Sklene Teplice spa: Outdoor thermal swimming pool directly in the premises of the spa - easy walks in the spa park, which gradually passes into a forest park - hiking on marked hiking paths - bicycle rental at the reception. Quality range of typical Slovak specialities while listening to cymbalo music in the nearby Slovak shepherd´s chalet, Musical evenings at the Kursalon café, which also offers home-made cakes and confectionary, summer curtural events and sessions with music in the spa garden restaurant, Sport fishing by the mountain cottage on the outskirts of the village of Repište (1 km from the spa), Trips to the nearby ruins od the Teplice - Pusty Castle.

Spa Sklené Teplice - Spa House MÁRIA TERÉZIA***