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 Dudince Spa
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Dudince Spa

Spa Dudince Slovakia is the youngest medical spa in Slovakia and is located in the South part of Slovak Republic on the former Cracow Way which linked Northern and Southern Europe. The region is famous for wineries and beautiful landscapes, clean environment and is free from industrial pollution. Spa is surrounded by the hills that provide a typically mild continental climate with plenty of sunshine and mild winter. With crystal clear waters, clean air and plenty of opportunities to experience nature, spa Dudince offers the perfect environment for spa-goers of all ages to improve their health.

Spa Dudince in Slovakia is famous for its mineral springs and water therapy. The water springs from the depth of 57.2 meters at a temperature of 28C which guarantees its constant chemical composition. Climate in spa area plays extremely important part in the healing process.

Spa Dudince
Slovakia offers year-round treatments and is very popular with patients from around the world who are suffering from
  • arthritis
  • joint pain
  • heart disease
  • less severe neurological disorders
  • hypertension
  • stress

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