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 Sklené Teplice
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Sklené Teplice

The spa of Sklene Teplice is situated fourteen kilometres from the town of Ziar nad Hronom in the valley of the Tepla stream, which runs through the Stiavnicke vrchy hills of Central Slovakia. The village derives its name (sklene = glass, teplica = thermal spring) from the glassworks which existed here from as long ago as 1340 and from the warm mineral springs which were first mentioned in a chronicle from the 16th century .The town of Sklenné Teplice is not so far from the famous historical mining town of Banská Štiavnica which has been added to the list of historical towns protected by UNESCO.

There is mineral thermal water in Sklené Teplice Spa which out from 14 springs, with water temperature from 37 to 52,3 °C. Chemically and physically the springs consists of calcium - sulphate - magnesium mineral thermal waters. These springs are the most important in the volcanic zone. Sklené Teplice spa helps patients who need to be cured of diseases restricting movement and nervous disorders. The whole medical treatment in the spa is individual and every patient receives a detailed diagnostical examination to create their curative plan.

A rarity is a thermal cave steam bath called Parenica, which is a europen unique where thermal springs fall directly into the cave.  The base cure is given to patients in 5 pool-baths, where the water temperature reaches from 37 °C to 42 °C. Exercise, hydrotherapy, massage, physical and curative nourishment complete the base balneotherapy, following the dietary system of the spa. The specialists use all necessary equipment for the medical treatment of patients in the spa. 3 modern well equipped pensions provide excellent accommodation. Specific is cave vapour-bath - Parenica.

Sklené Teplice spa helps patients who need to be cured of
  • diseases restricting movement
  • nervous disorders

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